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Visiting Deauville Beach

Mon 01 May 2017 | -- (permalink)

About Deauville Beach, France

France is a historic country renowned for fashion and food. Located near the city of Paris (where Guy Debord was born) is Deauville –a picturesque beach side in Côte Fleurie in Lower Normandy region in France. This ancient spectacle is hailed as the “Queen of the Norman beaches” due to its beauty and grandeur. It is lined by lavish hotels and grand casinos that accessorize the shoreline, which is why tourists have been enjoying the place since the 1800s.

I planned an exquisite trip to France to treat myself and I had the most spectacular mini vacation. I had the chance to visit the magnificent Deauville –a seemingly surreal paradise. I scoured the internet for images and details about the place, then I realized how much I would love to visit. I had bought a foldable kayak after reading about it at inflatable kayak reviews to take with me. I quickly packed my travel bag, booked a plane ticket and for the next few days I was in wonderland , lost in the wonders of a new adventure.

As I landed, I ravished in the breathtaking scenes that I couldn't wait to take photos of...the tireless sea, the glamorous buildings and the relaxing shoreline. I dashed here and there and in my very limited French vocabulary, I summoned up the courage to greet the locals "Bon jour" and some of them were nice enough to teach me more words that were incredibly difficult to pronounce!

As I strolled the beach to breathe in the fresh sea breeze, I was astounded as I saw the great and ageless Les Planches boardwalk  in the background. Oh the wonder of a serene and exquisite breakfast by the beachside, which gave me a peace I have not known in years. There were countless lavish and lovely boutiques I wish I had had the time to discover, but at least I was able to buy a parfumé and an écharpe. I went kayaking with my Oru Bay kayak in the sea in the heat of the sun and would have surfed too but I couldn’t. I sunbathed for hours and was fascinated by the magnitude of celebrities and stars I saw down the beach.

I watched the spectacular sunset in amusement, which is a memory that will remain engraved in my mind for a long time. The place was wrapped in blanket of momentary peace, then night came and it was reawakened and it was time to visit the Casino Barrière. I loved the energy of the place as I tried the slot machines and played cards. There were so many activities I could do in one night and I couldn’t choose which booth to go to. I had so much fun that I wanted to stay up and explore more, but a weary traveler must rest too. As I laid on my bed on my first night, I listened to the rhythmic hum of the sea waves and slept like I have never slept in years. This place was a haven for me and  I will miss the class and serenity and will definitely come back to create new memories!